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Health resorts of Belarus

Today Saturday, 31.01.2015    03:45 Minsk

health resort Radon


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Health resort Radon Grodno region informs:
Since 15.01.2015 are closed on reconstruction of number on the 6th floor, will be it is carried out repair work regarding numbers on the 8th floor. The administration of sanatorium apologizes for possible inconveniences.

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The address, how to get there health resort Radon

  • geographical coordinates - 5330.912' N, 2530.286' E

  • Address health resort Radon:
    Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Dyatlov district, village Boroviki, 40/2

    How to get to health resort Radon by public transport:

    • from Minsk to the health resort "Radon": from bus station "Centralny" bus Minsk - health resort Radon, departure at 6.20, 8.40, 18.10 (daily);
    • from Minsk to Baranovichi: daily commuter and passenger trains and buses from the bus station "Centralny", departure every hour;
    • from Baranovichi to the health resort "Radon": the station Baranovichi-Polesskie in the direction of Lida by commuter train to station Klishevichi, departure time - 5.11, 8.39 (daily), 12.03 (Fri - Sun), 17.20, 20.42.
      From station Klishevichi rest meets health resort bus service (5 times a day to diesel trains Baranovichi-Lida and Lida Baranovichi);
    • from Grodno to the health resort "Radon": on a bus Grodno - Novohrudok, Grodno - Dyatlovo to Dyatlovo. Then by bus at 9.45, 10.35, 12.10, 21.45 (daily) to stop "Sanatoriy Radon".

    The Administration of an enterprise doesn't bear responsibility forchanges in the public transport schedule.

    Transport shedule health resort Radon:

    How to get to health resort Radon by car:

    • Polotsk Minsk (about 225 km):
      On motorway 46 (Lepel-Polotsk-border of Russia (Juhovichi)) to Lepel (about 70 km); On highway 3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to Minsk (about 155 km)
    • Vitebsk Minsk (about 280 km):
      On highway 3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to Minsk (about 280 km)
    • Minsk-sanatorium Radon (about 191 km):
      On highway 1 (Brest - (Kozlovichi) - Minsk-border of Russia (the Radish)) before crossing with motorway 64 (Stolbcy-Mir) (about 88 km); To the right on motorway 64 (Stolbcy-Mir) to the item the Mir (about 9 km); On motorway 11 (Porechany (from highway 6/28)-Novogrudok-Nesvizh) to Novogrudok (about 45 km); On motorway 10 (Ljubcha-Novogrudok-Djatlovo) to the item of Djatlovo (about 40 km); Under indexes to health resort Radon (about 9 km).

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    Transfer Order health resort Radon - Free online booking and payment on the fact, quickly, safely, comfortably:

    Location on the map health resort Radon

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